Meet The Boss

Marshall Louis Muse, III



Throughout Marshall's life he has gained several nicknames, but “Boss” has remained constant among friends, family, and colleagues. Even as a child, he was an independent, charismatic, self-motivated, genuine leader. It has been his overall life aspiration to serve others and help produce other world leaders through his contributions of knowledge, skill, and experience.

With a vast, diverse background in Education, and Human Resources, and Public Policy establishing a consulting firm to spread power and product was undeniable. Boss believes that confident, intellectual, motivated children and progressive, innovative leaders are the future of our world. Boss has served as an educational leader for past 5 years in both, public and charter school systems. 

Beyond educating, Marshall is a brand, communications, and political strategist who works towards the advancement of several personal and professional brands. Boss has worked on over a dozen political campaigns on the local, state, and federal level. He also has contracted with multiple organizations to lead their Organizing efforts. Additionally, he serves as a founding board member and the Executive Vice President for a local non-profit organization. He understands that the only way for individuals to succeed, is by connecting with the people to serve their needs. The extensive public relations, human resources and marketing experience that Marshall possesses makes him a highly known name within the industry. 

In 2018, Marshall graduated from Southern University and Agricultural & Mechanical College with his B.S. Criminal Justice & Psychology. During his undergraduate studies, Marshall served as a student leader in numerous collegiate organizations and received dozens of academic awards/scholarships. Additionally, he was initiated into, Pi Gamma Mu, a prestigious International Honor Societies in Social Sciences. In 2021, Boss also completed his Master of Public Administration Degree from Southern University and Agricultural & Mechanical College with the intent to educate & empower others through diversity, equity, and inclusion. Marshall identifies as an avid, life-long learner. Post-graduate school he enrolled in the International Association of Professions Career College to attain more valuable information. Boss is now a certified business coach, etiquette instructor, and public speaker. In his free time he enjoys listening to music, traveling, and spending time with loved ones. 

Allow Boss The Brand to elevate and transform your brand to the next level. 

Boss The Brand

Boss The Brand is a top-tier consulting agency specializing in Branding, Executive coaching, Professional Development, and Political Strategy. The brand provides exceptional services to help individuals and organizations excel in their respective fields.